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From Vision to Execution: Designing Marketing Strategies that Amplify your Brand

Are you providing a unique brand value for your customers while building lasting relationships?

Since 2017, Bright Penny has had the privilege of helping great organizations do just that.

From designing powerful brand strategies to enhancing customer experiences, we drive growth by infusing your brand with new energy and innovation.

How can we help you?


A strong brand creates an emotional connection with target audiences, leading to a deeper level of engagement and loyalty. We help you build and leverage this connection as a powerful tool for awareness, brand identity and customer retention.

Marketing Strategy

Our human-centered strategies balance creative thinking and innovation, as well as a deep understanding of your target audiences and business goals. No cookie-cutter templates here - only customized, brand-building solutions tailored to your needs. 

Defining Your Audience

We develop a deep understanding of your ideal customer by crafting detailed buyer personas and clearly defining your brand's target market segments. Discovering your audience's needs, pain points, and motivations allows us to create marketing plans that capture attention and drive action. 

Insights + Analytics

All of Bright Penny's work is grounded in solid, reliable research. We measure and evaluate efforts with a healthy blend of both qualitative and quantitative data, allowing you to adjust strategies and tactics based on real insights and valuable feedback.

Customer Experience

Let us help you design the ideal experience that your customers want and need. We identify problems and pain points through journey mapping, diagnose internal and external issues, and develop creative solutions based on customer preferences and behaviors.


"Working with Bright Penny has been a game changer. Their expertise in marketing and branding has helped us better understand our target audience and develop a cohesive message. They have been instrumental in creating consistency in our marketing efforts."

Drew Barbes

Entertainment Manager + Musician

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